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#dailyhorse Den letzten Ferientag mit dem ersten Ausritt ohne Reitstunde begonnen, das war sehr schön - und Joey war auch sehr entspannt unterwegs.

Wie wünschen einen schönen Sonntag und für die, die es betrifft,einen guten Start ins neue Schuljahr.

When your hair looks amazing but you can't post a pic to your insta cause you can't stop eating the brush.

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#mastohorses Heute abend sind wir in den Sonnenuntergang geritten. Kalt aber sehr schön.

Little Joey's first big offroad adventure 🐎🏞️🧡. He was so excited about all the exotic food, he completely forgot to spook 😁

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So I finally did it. 🐴 ✍️

Click here to check out my Horse Drawing Workshop Notes and References booklet:


Ever needed to draw horses but had no idea where to start? Does the thought of drawing an equine terrify you? Want to learn more tools to help grow your horse drawing skills? Then this .PDF is for you!

Designed to be as approachable as possible without getting technical.


Thank you so much for your support! :da_cuddle:

#Horses #Art #HowTo

Guess who was a really good boy today? That's right, Joe was 🥰

Higgs, äh Hahn im Korb: Unser Schäfi und seine drei Flattie-Mädels Iva, Hanni und Indie

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